JacksBanner1For more than 50 years HappiJac has been producing high quality products for the RV industry. HappiJac conducts extensive research and testing to develop quality products backed by sound engineering. HappiJac has reinvented the camper jack and revolutionized the industry with the first comprehensive and fully upgradeable line of camper jacks. Click here to see our Model Comparisons.


Safety First
HappiJac's Acme Screw Jack is the first acme screw jack with a redundant safety check system. By providing an additional safety nut, HappiJac's Acme Screw Jack protects against mishap in the event of failure. Its unique concave (cupped) footpad reduces movement and provides greater stability than large, convex footpads.

Optimum Performance
HappiJac's Acme Screw Jack features a polished steel screw and a self-lubricating, friction-reducing nut. It provides more than 34.5 inches of lift and easily and efficiently raises and lowers a camper.

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Strong and Appealing
Each HappiJac Camper Jack features attractive 2-inch square tubing that provides significantly more strength than round tubing. The HappiJac Acme Screw Jack can lift 1500 pounds and the HappiJac Ball Screw Jack can lift 1900 pounds. Each HappiJac Camper Jack is powder coated on the inner and outer tubes to protect against rust and improve appearance.

Easy Installation
Each HappiJac camper jack uses the same universal Z-bracket mounting system. The strong and secure Z-bracket mounting system can be installed and/or retrofitted on most campers. For dual-wheel pickup trucks, the optional swing-out bracket is easily installed and provides additional clearance needed for easy loading and unloading.

Electric Upgrade Ability
The Acme (4160), Ball-Screw (4560) and Heavy Duty (4800) Acme jacks can easily be upgraded into a wireless remote-controlled electric jack system with the purchase and installation of a HappiJac motor kit (pn 182522) and wiring kit (pn 182524).

Installation and Maintenance Guides
Below is a complete listing of Happijac camper jack installation and maintenance guides.