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Happijac’s Frame Mount Tie Down System uses leverage to safely reduce the force on your truck and control camper movement in all directions. Happijac's patented design creates a horizontal, I-Beam truss structure with your truck frame, providing counter balances against the pulling weight of the camper and reducing force against the truck frame. Using Happijac’s Tie Down anchor points with Happijac turnbuckles creates structural strength by triangulating leveraged counter forces. This configuration provides total control of front-back, up-down, and side-to-side movements. It also controls the yaw, pitch and roll of the camper.

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Other tie downs can actually multiply dangerous forces against your truck and camper. Typical designs are positioned to act as a crowbar between your truck bed and frame. The modern truck mounted camper (weighing up to 6,000 pounds) can create approximately 100,000 pounds of leveraged upward pressure between your truck bed and the frame it is attached to, and 20,000 pounds of sideways pulling pressure on the frame. There are also popping and jerking forces of similar magnitude that occur as the camper twists and moves with tie downs designed to merely hold the camper down and keep it in the truck.

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