slide-out-bannerHappiJac Secure-Trac™ Fixed Frame slide mechanisms are idea for above-floor applications and its ultra-low profile maximizes living and storage space. A unique captured track delivers smooth, stable, no-play operation. The concise Secure-Trac™ slides design eliminates heavy linkages, drive mechanisms and other components, keeping down tongue weights. Best of all, these floor-mounted slide mechanisms are factory assembled with a pre-squared frame and quick timing adjustment for easy installation and alignment. HappiJac Secure-Trac™ Fixed Frame slides are available in single or dual rail configurations and come in multiple frame depths and rail lengths.

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  Sofa Slides
  Bedroom Slides
  Dinette Slides
  Wardrobe Slides
  Room Slides

  Standard Features

  40-50 pounds dual
  25-30 pounds single
  Easy installation
  Low profile
  Smooth operation
  Unique captured track design
  Easy alignment adjustment
  Direct drive motor
  Standard components
  Dimpled rail track

Ultra Low Space Saving Profile

HappiJac’s innovative Secure-Trac™ slides are virtually invisible to RV owners because we’ve reduced moving parts and drive linkage and developed a tightly integrated rail and track. Manufacturers are no longer bound by conventional space restraints and can focus more on the customers’ needs rather than on hiding large and cumbersome mechanisms. The ultra-low profile allows for more options like a flush-floor look, substantial storage space or an additional bed.

Quick and easy installation and alignment
HappiJac Secure-Trac™ Fixed Frame slides feature a pre-squared frame design that makes installation and alignment simple, fast and trouble-free. Simply attach the motor (if using electric), align the factory assembled slide mechanism with the outer wall, bolt the frame to the floor and synchronize the drive rails using HappiJac's unique timing adjustment feature. The timing adjustment feature eliminates the tedious synchronization of drive rails during installation. Simply pull back on the spring-loaded drive shaft to disengage it from the drive mechanism and adjust (1/8 inch or .32 centimeter per tooth. This allows installers to easily match timing to the neighboring track base for a tight seal with the outer wall.
Room Slide configuration options
Frame width options
(Dual ram configurations only)

HappiJac Secure-Trac Fixed Frame Slides are available in a single or dual ram configuration with nearly any combinations of frame depths, widths and rail length. Our experienced product engineers will work with you to determine the ideal configuration for your weight bearing, surface area, and budget requirements. HappiJac Room Slide track bases are also available in ready-to-install tandem drive frames for dual ram configurations. These frames feature Secure-Trac Drive bases and come pre-squared from the factory for quick installation. They also include a standard drive ram cross member for fast squaring and mounting.
Frame depth options

Rail length options


Not pictured: 36"

HappiJac Room Slide track bases are the only slide solution in the industry featuring Secure-Trac's exclusive capture track design. They come in three standard depths to provide optimal support for a wide range of mobile surface areas and weight requirements. These track bases come ready to attach to the RV sub-floor. Standard depths are 12 inches, 16.75 inches and 22 inches. HappiJac Room slide rails feature a standard dimpled drive track which interchangeably fit HappiJac's exclusive captured track design. These rails offer maximum structural support and eliminate to outside air and elements. Standard rails are available in 30.25 inches, 36 inches, 40.75 inches and 42.5 inches.